On March 3rd the time had come … Fourteen girls from the class 4B went to Ireland for their Erasmus+ project. Everyone of us was really excited and looked forward to the upcoming three weeks. Nevertheless, the start was a bit challenging for some of us. We met our host families and on Monday we started our internship in the crechés/nursery schools. It was extremely interesting to see how the Irish pedagogues work with the children and what their daily routine looks like. Some differences are that the rooms look really colourful and the Irish approach to literacy is very different to what it’s like in Austria. On the first weekend we went to Galway and joined a tour visiting the Cliffs of Moher and the village Doolin. We spent the Sunday in Galway and in the evening we went back to Newbridge. Some of us went to Dublin and visited St- Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Museum of Ireland, Phoenix- Park and much more. We’re excited what the next two weeks will look like.

Jana Füller & Julia Thrainer (4B)